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Crete: a beautiful island of history & culture
According to the Greek mythology, the father of the gods, Zeus, falls for gorgeous Europa, daughter of the king of Tyros. Zeus seduces Europe, in the form of a bull, & kidnaps her to Crete were they start a dominant breed.
The whole continent containing Crete is since named Europe, after Zeusą loved one.
Its mysterious & mythical past gives Crete a very special charm. This island is the birthplace of the western civilisation. This is where, approximately 4.000 years ago, the Minoan civilisation was born, which flourished between 2.600 and 1.400 B.C. & disappeared for some reasons that remain unknown to our date. What is still there is the remains of grand palaces in which were found magnificent & pieces of art & craftsmanship.
Make Crete your second home
Over the past years, an increasing interest on the Cretan land, from foreigners & locals, has been noticed. The priceless value of enjoying life in the beautiful island of Crete & the ideal combination of being close to all amenities, in the city, but also having the possibility to enjoy the absolute calmness & peace when on one of the many picturesque villages, is partly the reason why many foreigners & Greeks are looking for property in Crete, so that they can spend more time in their favourite island. So, make Crete your second home and enjoy life in this ideal setting.
The options are endless! Our team of highly experienced architects, engineers, real estate agents, interior designers is solely orientated to creating the ideal home for you, & to this end we put all our mind & effort.
The budget defined by you is a commitment to us, with an exception of quality & short time of delivery. There, and also on absolute transparency in funds distribution, no compromise is allowed.
We have at our disposal already prepared architectural plans & studies for building single houses or house complexes, based on high standards of construction.
Of course, if you are looking for something totally different in terms of design or location, we will be more than glad to find what you are exactly looking for.
Besides, it is only through direct & continuous co-operation with you that we can establish the foundations for achieving our goal: better understand your needs & wishes & house/ accommodate them. 

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