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Q: As a foreigner, can I buy property in Crete?
A:Yes, since Greece joined the EU in 1993 foreigners from other EU member states have been able to acquire property in Greece without any restrictions. The only exception is land in restricted military zones. Up to 1992 there were considerable restrictions on the acquistion of property to foreigners.

Q: Is buying property in Greece difficult?
A: No. The sequence is relatively simple. First of all, you have to make a deposit oftern 10% of the purchase price to our office or for the attention of the seller. You should then employ an English speaking lawyer to check the ownership in your name at the competent authorities. After this there are two ways of signing the contract, either you authorize a lawyer to go to a notary on you behalf, or you appear in person to sign the contract in Crete. In this case the contract will of course be translated word for word in Englsih (or your mother language).

Q: What additional fees are due with the purchase?
A: The total expenses are forcast around 15% (calculated on the purchase amount) which includes your lawyers fees those of the Public Notary and the amount of the transfer tax which is indicated by the tax service.

Q: What other taxes and fees are due if I live in Greece?
A: If you do not work in Greece, all you have to pay are the costs for electrcity and water (including sewerage). There is no property tax or council tax.

Q: Is there a guarantee on new houses?
A: Under Greek law the architect and the builders are responsible for the proper construction. Company real estate construction company provides its customers with a two year guarantee against building defects.

Q: Are there Financing facilities?
A: The Builder can suggest you several banks which offer financing facilites with repayment over a maximum of twenty years, following a required initial downpayment of 20% of the total sale price. Loans are competitive rates can be granted in any currency. The specific terms and conditions are set by the financing bank.

Q: How can I insure my property?
A: The Builder offers insurance policies through Generali one of Europe's leading insurance Companies.

Q: Who looks after my property when I am not in Crete?
A: The Builder provides this service for you as well.

Q: How can I organise the letting of my property?
A: You do not need to worry about this either, if you wish our relationship with our sister company KtimatoEmporiki will organise the letting of your property for you.

Q: How can I furnish my property?
A: The Builder is also willing to help you with this problem as well. For example, we have an internal interior decorator plus we can provide you with the addresses of joiners and furniture companies and we will help you to contact them etc.

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