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"The Builder" provides building services for both housing and commercial projects and can co-ordinate these from beginning to end.
We can help you find a suitable piece of land and assist you with project design and construction in order to build your dream house, your ”place in the sun”!

Why buy off plan?

Buying off the plan is a clever way to get your money working smarter for you. Now a tremendous number of people have discovered the advantages of buying off the plan with The Builder.

So how does it work?

Well for a start the price of the house is fixed throughout the building construction period.  There are no hidden costs or charges. The Builder currently has numerous house designs that suit all tastes and types of plots which are ready for you to choose from right now. All it takes is a 20% deposit of the total building price and the balance paid in agreed stages. ItĘs that easy!

If you buy off plan when the villa is at the drawing board stage or initial stage of build then you have the potential to make considerable input into the internal layout and finish of your chosen property.  You can change around internal walls, select paint colours, tiles, carpets, kitchens, bathrooms etc., and custom design your property as though it were a self build but without having to pay the extra for an architect that you would if you were self building!

By buying a property off plan today you are securing the price of that property at todayĘs prices.  By the time the property is completed it may very well have risen in value thus making you a significant return on your investment immediately.  Furthermore, if you can °justĘ afford to buy at todayĘs prices know that if you wait until more completed properties come on sale you may have missed the boat and have been priced out of the market.


Why is Off Plan Property so popular with Investors?

To purchase a property "off plan” means simply to make the decision to buy a property before it is built. Many people have done this when buying their own residential property in order to have an influence on the finish. However, for the property investor the “off plan” option has a huge significance.

Developers need to secure their own financial position, a good start to the sales and marketing effort is essential. In all forms of retail, discounting has long been the most effective method of moving stock quickly; houses are no different. An investor will readily see the opportunity for a discount and buy their property before it is built. To secure the property Off Plan a deposit will be required, which means that whilst the Investor reaps the benefit of the capital growth during the build phase (usually between 6-12 months in the UK and 2-3 years Overseas), they will have only outlaid the deposit rather than the full purchase price.
As this is a business decision, and therefore made with the head and not the heart, it stands to reason that the information needed to make the investment decision is fundamentally different to that needed to buy your home. The developer's status, history and financial security are all important, as are the plans, floor layouts and building specifications. This will rarely include the glossy marketing material, but this is a small price to pay for the potential savings that can be achieved by buying at this stage.

The benefit to the investor is that prices typically increase as the development progresses, on larger sites there is a marked increase between each phase of the development.

When the property is built the investor still retains the option to complete the purchase, and benefit from a rental income or sell and realise the capital growth that has been achieved during the build.
Investors don't have to worry about tenants, furnishings, rental collection or mortgage and insurance payments. Either way, Off Plan often provides a very good way for investors to start their portfolio.

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